Renal Transplant

| March 21, 2015
Renal Transplant
Surgical procedure is roll surgical technologist plays before, during, and after a renal transplant. I will be uploading from our text
book chapters 10, 11, 13, 21, & 26 to use as one reference. the paper is required to have at least 3 references and the other 2 can
come from other resources you may find useful. I will be uploading The Surgical principles project ST116, the General Vascular
preference card paper, and 2 hand written papers that kind of follow the slides that I will try to email to you. The slides are of
someone previous case and can mostly be followed and duplicated just replacing the used items from that case with the items needed for
this renal case. This paper is just to mostly show technique not that we have actually been a part of a renal surgery. What you do to
prep, supplies and instruments needed, and when and where to do what.

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