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| February 16, 2014

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Each paper consists of a New York Times article (or articles), dealing with some aspect of one of the religions of the course. You must choose a different religion for each paper?three different religions.(the religion i am choosing is Islam) You must choose one religion that originated in India, one religion from East Asia, and one religion that originated in the Middle East. Alternatively, you can substitute Africa/Australian Aboriginal/Indigenous Religions of the West for one of the previously-named three areas. Having chosen the article or articles, you then write your paper, in which you incorporate your articles into some aspect of the religion, BASED ON TEXTS IN THE COURSE TEXTBOOK, Scriptures of the World?s Religions, Fourth Edition. Thus, there are only three sources for each of the three papers, The New York Times, the course textbook, and class notes. The Internet is not needed or accepted as a source for the papers. You will thus write an essay, combining the articles with the texts or other material in the course textbook, OR CLASS NOTES. If you cite class notes, you must include this as a citation/footnote in your paper, and in the Bibliography. Cite the date of the class lecture.
You must CITE the New York Times article and the textbook in your paper, as you would in any research paper, and include a Bibliography page.
Submit photocopies of the New York Times article or articles you are using for each assignment when you hand in the due assignment.
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