Relationship between characters (THE GREAT GATSBY)

| April 23, 2014

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“A short research paper on any topic. Some examples are: Focus on character/themes/relationships between characters, analyze one of the readings, compare and contrast two stories/characters. Be sure to have in-text citation and a works-cited page.”
– Hello! What I wrote above is basically what this research paper is about. We read the book THE GREAT GATSBY and now we have to do a research paper from it.
I picked the topic “RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CHARACTERS” and the two characters I want to compare are JAY GATSBY and NICK CARRAWAY.
I would like you to write about how is their relationship, like how they met, things that they may have in common or compare and contrast. Basically a character analysis for both and then compare them.
Since I chose to write about a relationship between two characters I need to have at least 5 quotes that describe the relationship between Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby.
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