Relate the book "The Water Is Wide" to the Cold War

| March 24, 2015

1.) Relate the book “The Water Is Wide” to the cold war using the themes: race, class difference, and technological change.

2.) This research paper requires a detailed outline in addition to the paper its self.

3.) This paper requires and annotated bibliography with 10 (or more) reliable sources, if the are internet sources they must be reliable (Ex: things that end in “.edu” or “.gov” preferably things from JSTORE, please no unreliable sources) books are also to be used as well as one movie. Each source on the bibliography must have a paragraph explaining the source and explaining how the writer will use the source in the essay itself. (Very important)…………

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American Studies
Most southerners defended slavery, even though they were not part of the "Plantation Aristocracy." Discuss why they supported slavery, and your response to the claims made by its supporters, and explain why it was easier to end the slave trade

Category: American History

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