Regarding the Pain of Others

| March 22, 2015

Regarding the Pain of Others


Susan Sontag, << Regarding the Pain of Others>>

Developing Your Text Wrestling Ideas  – English Composition IA sample Text Wrestling thesis statement dealing with Susan Sontag’s “Regarding the Pain of Others:Although it might be compared to photographs and museums for informing and producing emotion in an audience, television actually discourages viewers from growing. The overabundance of TV programs in today’s society overwhelms the viewer and reduces the impact and statement of individual videos.What in this TS refers or connects to Susan Sontag’s essay?What in this TS reaches beyond subjects already covered by Sontag?Is there any way you could improve this thesis statement?A sample quotation used to support the above thesis statement:“The illustrative function of photographs leaves opinions, prejudices, fantasies, misinformation untouched.”____________________ with the wide array of television stations, people can simply flip to a channel that shares their own views and opinions. In this way, they can choose to not be impacted by controversial information.How does this quote further support and explain the thesis statement? What a phrase (2-3 words) that would begin the sentence following the quote in a way that effectively steps out of the quote.

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Death Penalty
A thesis statement declares what you believe and what you intend to prove


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