Reflective Writing in PRINCE 2 Module

| January 10, 2015

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The aim of the reflective lessons learnt report is to allow you to reflect on the overall project and your learning during the module.
You will write a coherent academic piece of text covering the three knowledge areas of the module. It is expected that the Prince 2 method and how it has been used for your project will be the main part of your overall reflection.
Your report should be split into three sections / headings one for each knowledge areas:
– Project Management with Prince 2
– Consultancy
– Teamwork
Let’s start by defining what is not reflective work?
– It is not a conveyance of information, instruction or argument
– It is not a straight-forward description, though there may be descriptive elements;
– It is not a straight-forward decision e.g. about whether something is right or wrong;
– It is not a simple problem solving like recalling information (how to get somewhere)
Here are some ideas on how to start your reflections?
– Choose a question related to a knowledge area or an issue / feedback you wish to talk/write about.
– You might want to consider why you want to talk about this. Has a specific event or issue triggered your reflection?
– Maybe identify how you have improved something or learnt from an event or task.
– What are your feelings about an issue, potential impact on others?
– What steps have you taken to solve an issue, consider any research done, advice provided by experts that might have influenced you in some way and include references?
– Relate theory to practice, identify gaps, propose theory amendments, test your propositions.
– Consider your past experience, how does it help in this project?
– Analyse outcomes and propose improvements if necessary.
Here are examples of enquiries that you might consider to trigger your reflections on the different knowledge areas. Bear in mind that you will certainly have your own questions based on what you are doing / learning.
Project management
– Was our PID good enough to help us plan for this project?
– Have we omitted to use a key process of the Prince 2 methodology?
– In hindsight have we cost our project appropriately?
– How can we improve our team meetings?
– Was our executive involved appropriately throughout the project?
– How is my team performing?
– Are we likely to have an effective team?
– Can I recognize Belbin’s team roles in my team members?
– What can I propose / do to improve my team’s performance?
– How do Tuckman’s team development stages compare with what is happening in my team?
– What is consultancy really about?
– Are we following the consultancy cycle with our client?
– Have I got the skills required to be a good consultant?
– What can we improve during our meetings with the client?
– Are we using the right tools to understand our client’s requirements?
– What type(s) of prototype will we build for the demo and why?
It is expected that each individual student’s reflective work will be very different from anyone else’s as you will be experiencing the project from different angles (roles; tasks).
Reading List & Resources
Office of Government (2009) Managing successful projects with PRINCE2. 5th ed. London: The Stationary Office.
Bentley, C. (2009) Prince2 – A practical handbook. 3rd ed. Taylor & Francis Ltd. (Available as an eBook)
Tuttle, S. (2012) Illustrating PRINCE2: project management in real terms. Ely: IT Governance Publishing 2012. (Available as an eBook)
Graham, N. (2009) PRINCE2 For Dummies, 2010 Edition. Wiley. (Available as an eBook)
Cockman, P., Evans, B. Reynolds, P. (1999) Consulting for real people: a client-centred approach for change agents and leaders. London : McGraw-Hill
West, M. A. (2004) EffectiveTeamwork: Practical Lessons from Organizational Research. 2nd Edition. BPS Blackwell
Please note that:
– We have submitted our Project Initiation Documentation (PID) as a team for our client and we got high mark. I have uploaded the PID in case if you need it to understand what was going on. I have tow roles in the team which are Team Manager and Change Authority. Note that the Project Manager has many Team managers.
– Try to in the first section to compare between PRINCE2 with other methodologies such as PMP
– References must be from the list that I have provided above.
– Regarding Consultancy section, I have uploaded Consultancy skills evaluation file, please try to use those skills in this section. The consultancy is between us as a team consultant which called (Premier IT Solutions) and our client which is another team (Cars Rental Company (CRC))
– Regarding Teamwork section, I have uploaded two files which are Team_effectiveness_Survey_results_form[1] and Team_effectiveness_survey, please try to mention that we have used the survey to evaluate each person in team.
– The style of reference is HARVARD
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