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| February 24, 2014

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Reflection Paper Guidelines – Paper # 1 The two goals of the Reflection Papers are 1) to give you an opportunity to pause and reflect on what you are learning about being an effective communicator and team member and 2) to tie the concepts, ideas, and terms from the textbook to your group experiences in an academic and informed way.
A great way to do this is to go somewhere different
–a place where you can sit quietly, and have space to pause, think, consider, and reflect. If you are keeping a journal of your observations and personal/team learning, bring it along to use as a reference, or to jot down more notes as they arise.
Students will submit two (2) reflection papers
during the semester, utilizing concepts from the chapter readings. Topics for each paper will be assigned by the instructor
(see pg. 2)
and will be relevant to the course materials and group process dynamics. In each paper the student will reflect on the assigned topic, relate it to personal and classroom experience, reference the chapter readings, relate it to their group project work and discuss how these concepts can be incorporated into their personal or professional development.
Choose two concepts, one from Chapter 1
Group and Team Principles and Practices and one from Chapter 4
Preparing to Collaborate. 2.
In addition to the above two concepts, you will include one concept from Chapter 12
–Enhancing Creativity in Groups & Teams, OR Chapter 3
Group Formation, for a total of three concepts per paper 3.
Write about how you and your team have been impacted
by the concept. Be sure to include specific stories and examples that support the concepts. Think about how you connect with these concepts in your final project/chapter presentation teams. Given your experiences, how would you apply these concepts in future teams? What action steps would you take to ensure effective/positive team outcomes? Be sure to apply the tools/skills you’ve learned throughout the course
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