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| July 3, 2016

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Reflection Paper Assignment Instructions

The purpose of the Reflection Paper is to reflect on the performance of your team and what you learned about yourself in the process. This paper should not be a record of the details of the meetings, but should reflect a more in-depth analysis of your team, and yourself on the team. It should incorporate course discussions, readings, the team assessment, and your personal experience to analyze what you have learned during the experience.


Your individual Reflection Paper should be a maximum of 3 pages double-spaced and include:


What issues/problems did your team encounter? Explain how the team decided on a strategy to resolve them.

How did the actual team process and outcome compare to the predictions in the readings?

What key lessons or guidelines would you provide for team members and managers in healthcare organizations?

What did your learn about yourself? What would you do differently in the future? Why?


Reflection Paper Guiding Questions


These questions are intended to serve as a guide as you work toward your final Reflection Paper. It will be helpful to reflect on these questions throughout the semester as you meet with your team.


How do you feel about the last meeting you had with your team?

How do individual differences (e.g., personality, gender, race) affect group dynamics?

How does member closeness and friendship affect group task performance?

How do members influence one another when making collective decisions?

What kind of information do members share with each other when reaching decisions?

How does communication affect effectiveness your group? What factors are important?

What can be implemented to improve group communication and performance?

Is the team cohesive? If not what can be done to increase cohesiveness?

What do you think motivates each of your team members?

How comfortable are you with vulnerability? With whom can you be vulnerable? Why do you trust that person(s)?

Are there issues around trust that you need to discuss with your team?

Does your opinion count in this team?

What incentives might exist to encourage your team members to be more competitive than collaborative?

What rewards exist for collaborative behavior? Where does final authority lie on your team?

Is there a conversation you’re putting off? What’s the critical statement you need to make?

Will this group fail in attaining their goals?

We naturally judge others by their behavior and ourselves by our intentions. How can you better communicate your intentions to reduce misunderstanding or conflict?

Many of us don’t receive feedback if we actively seek it out. How comfortable are you with getting feedback? What restrains you from asking for it? How to you show your willingness to hear honest feedback?

How committed to it are you to your team? Does this group live up to your idea of an ideal team?

How are you tracking your success in meeting your commitments to the team?

How does your team define success?

What do you believe you’re accountable for on this team?

Discuss the following concepts and how they exist in your team: Accountability –Commitment-Conflict-Trust

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