reflection on the development process of the e-learning community for high shcool teachers

| May 20, 2015


A written reflection on the development process of the learning community presented in Part I ( I will upload) that addresses the following: write as a headline:
1-introduction that talking about-learning community for high school teachers to share knowledge(it is e-community where teacher can learn from each other)and the assignment will clarify it …..
2-A description of your group’s collaborative process in developing the community design mention every things in the progress(it is upload in the my assignment which called progress : the group consist of five members Shadi, River, Nadiah, Sarah and me(Suad) Also mention this the group created Edublogs site so as to ensure that each member can easily participate and also to facilitate the effectiveness of the discussion And also mention this members began suggesting ideas and discussed them jointly using several distinct communication methods such as emails, SMS , posting blogs , whatsapp AND we met each member twice in the uni
3-A synthesis of your readings and research in this subject on learning in technology-mediated communities (write about 4 resources)
4-An analysis of your own group as a learning community and how the process worked as a learning experience for you.
5-A reflection on how you will approach participating in and designing learning communities in the future(WRITE ABOUT MY EXPERIENCE AND I DESIGN THIS E- LEARNING COMMUNITY FOR HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS THAT I UPLOD IN THE MY ASSIGNMENT )



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