Reflection on Practice

| March 25, 2014

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I am doing my Reflection on Practice project
This is a project which I am doing after my internship. I already started it and I received a feedback from a tutor. The project should be complete and be perfectly followed by project outline and corrected from the comments of my tutor. In attached documents you will find
1. STARTED project which have to be complete
2. Project outline where there is a explanations of what should be done
3. A feedback from a tutor, where all comments should be taken and applied by a writer
You can “invent some of info” like imagine interview results or any other things. Also you may change some of the sentences or abstracts or anything you think should be changed. Please highlight if possible the text that you change in Yellow. You can delete info that you think is irrelevant.
The word limit is stated in Project outline. part of a paper is corrections and there are bit which are not written yet. Pleas do not exceed Limit stated in Project outline. Number of references may vary from 1 to how many you think are needed to be done
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Research the main professional organizations of the human resources profession, such as the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
The leadership process that describes how a group operates in an open system with other groups is called inter-active process


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