Reflection of Family Analysis

| April 22, 2014

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In the first part of the course project, you will spend some time reflecting on and analyzing your familial experiences. Familial experiences vary from person to person, so you may be reflecting on biological parents or relatives who were present or not present in your life, or you may be reflecting on individuals who were not biologically related to you but who you considered your family. Reflecting on your life and experiences with your family, examine the following:
•Describe the overall dynamics of your family as you were growing up.
•Reflect on what you learned from your role within your family as a child.
•Describe the impact your familial experiences in your childhood or adolescence have had on your personal and professional behaviors or choices as an adult.
•Evaluate what unfinished business still lingers from your familial experiences. For instance, what do you internalize, carry with you, or continue to struggle with?
•What impact do you think your family experiences may have on your current personal and professional growth as a counselor?
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