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you can go to the website and log in, you have to log in twice with same use name and password first time usename: wenlanluo Password: Mushr518530 and then you have to click on the PHIL-160 second time log in click on PHIL-160 on you right and then click on weekly content on you left. and then click week 6, and this is the source you will need for paper.
PHIL 160: Introduction to Ethics
Summer I 2014

Week 6 Writing Assignment Due Friday, June 27, 11:59 PM

This week we examined how scientific findings in evolution and neuroscience may impact meta-ethical debates. In particular, Greene and Street both argue, in different ways, for why the source of our moral judgments may give us a reason to favor a subjective, or mind- dependent, conception of moral truths. For this week’s assignment, please answer the following in a 2-3 page organized, polished, proofread, and thoughtful paper:
At the end of the Greene lecture I hint that getting from (4) to (5) of his argument is not trivial, mainly because (4) is about our judgments and (5) is about the nature of morality itself. Street’s main objective is to make that connection. In your own words explain how Street’s argument aims to do that. Be sure to identify one or more specific premises in her argument and discuss in some detail how it/they work to accomplish that goal. Do you think Street’s argument is a success, or do you think (at least) one of her premises is false? If you think her argument fails, explain which premise you think is false and why.
Here are a few helpful tips and reminders:
• Heed my comments from your earlier work!
• Be clear, simple, and precise; avoid obscure and/or verbose language
• Avoid clichés and rhetorical questions
• The essay should be about the problem and its solutions, not about you (i.e., it
shouldn’t resemble a diary)
• Assume your audience is smart and educated, but ignorant of philosophy
• Assume your audience cares more about being informed than about being entertained
• It should have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion, and transitions
• Cite any references properly
• Show me that: (a) you know how to present and explain the relevant issues in a clear
and rigorous manner; (b) you understand the issues involved.
• I am not expecting you to be dazzlingly original or to show great research ability or
even come to a definitive conclusion.



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