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xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxx
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Reflection Paper: Diversity in xxx engineering teams
The concept of xxxxxxxxx is important in the xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx due xx xxxxxxx reasons. xxxxxxxxx xx Katherine Phillip, xxx xxxxxxx engineering teams are xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx products. xx this regard, diversity enhances xxxxxxxxxx by xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx for novel perspectives and xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx and decision xxxxxxx This can lead to xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx resulting xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx gains. xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx engineering groups xxxxxxxxxxx drawing xx xxxxxx conclusions xx a xxxxxx xx new xxxxx (Phillips, xxxxxx
To work xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx an engineering xxxxx there are some actions that xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx first thing is to xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx in the engineering xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx Then, the xxxxxxxxxxx groups should xxxx xx xxxx xxxx xxxxx ideas on how xx xxxx the xxxxxxxxxxx to disagree. xxx goal xxxxxx not be picking a xxxxx xx make it personal, but rather create a synergy xx xxxxx and x xxxxxxx xxxxxxx
file2.docx preview (179 words)
xxxxxxxxxxx team’s Diversity
xxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx all xxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx and a xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx which xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx skills and xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx Engineering xxxxxx made xx xxxxxxx people bring different opinions, xxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxxx The xxxxxxxxx will xxxx bring unique xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx about xxx xxxxxxxxxxx tasks xx hand. xxxxxx diversity makes people work xxxx when disagreement xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx a socially different person. xxxxxxxxx to xxxxxxxxx diversity will jolt people into xxx cognitive action xxx xxxx xxxx to higher-quality xxx engineering research xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
However, to work xxxxxxxxxxx with xxxxxxx members of an engineering team, xxx members should xxxxx xxx ideas, xxxxxxxxxxx and the group diversity. Another xxxxxxxxx thing is xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx through viewing xxx differences xx xxxxxx and liabilities. xxxxxxxxx to xxx xxxxxxx “xxx xxxxxxxxx makes xx xxxxxxxx” there should xx xxxxxxxx xxx the xxxxxxxxx xx the xxxx’s effectiveness should xx xxxxxxxx xxx group’s xxxxxxxxx should be xxxxx xx merit where xxxxx person xx allowed xxxx give his / her xxxxxxxxxxxx to the xxxx potential.

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