Reflecting on Bias

| February 10, 2015

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The word count is 2000 words
-Table of contents to be included.
-Please include subheadings and numbers such as 1.0 Introduction etc etc
-Page numbers to be included.
-Introduction to start at page one.
-References such as in text and out text Harvard style.
-This essay has to be written clearly, spell checked and grammatically sound and -referenced appropriately.
-Please attach Case study in the appendix.
-Entire text to be justified.
-Margin Layout-Top bottom and left 2.5 and right 5
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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Do some research and cite other factors in climate besides CO2 levels that would support Using Internet sources, tell what the expected rise in sea level is by the year 2050 and discuss at least three major ways this will affect islands or coastal areas.
Doctoral Study and the Scholar Practitioner Model


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