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| May 20, 2015

General instructions
The essay is 1000 words long, plus or minus 10% to include quoted material, and not including the Reference List.
Students are required to address the excerpted textual material as part of their response to the essay question:
That is, the essay question itself must be addressed directly.
In addition, the supplied quote must be integrated into the essay response.
Then the student must further integrate at least some of the reading material suggested in the Reading List, before researching the topic further (as evidenced by integrating other sources not found on the Reading List).
Students are expected to use some or all of the suggested texts on the Reading List (2- 3 minimum), but are also expected to find another 2-3 academic texts (not on the Reading List) which they use in their response. Therefore, the essay reference list should have at least 5-6 sources, and these must have been used in the essay explicitly.

1. English is the only Global Language and other languages cannot compete with it. This means many languages will die out as a result. Is this a good or bad thing?

Respond to this question by using the following quotes to frame your answer.
“Perhaps a global language will…make all other languages unnecessary. ‘A person needs only one language to talk to someone else’, it is sometimes argued, ‘and once a world language is in place, other languages will simply die away’” (Crystal, 2003, p.15. bold in the original).
“An indication of English’s international status is the fact that most, if not all, nations around the world have official government policies dealing with the status of English as a domestic issue…English is either perceived as a threat, for example, to a nation’s language(s) or cultural identity, or it is considered to be an asset, economically (for instance” (Hale & Basides, 2013, p.7).

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