Record Types, Management and Quality Control Procedures

| February 15, 2014

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Several departments want additional information on electronic health records before agreeing to a large amount of money being spent on something new; they want to be sure that they are doing the correct thing for the center. You have been given the task of writing supporting information for the electronic health record.
STEP 1 INSTRUCTIONS: Using APA format, write a convincing paper (2 pages) stating a minimum of 3 advantages of the electronic medical record, as well as any disadvantages. Indicate how the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for the EHR implementation.
You may include the following:
•Whether or not it will improve the quality of
the data
•How it will be accepted by employees
•How the paper-based medical records will be included in the EHR (electronics health record)
•Other pertinent data
STEP 2 INSTRUCTIONS: In one (1) page, explain the importance of data quality, particularly as it pertains to Healthcare Information Systems. What are ways that the healthcare facility could ensure data integrity, clarity of the data, accuracy of the data, and timeliness of the data.
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