Rebirth to Revolution Inquiry Paper

| September 24, 2015

You are required to produce an inquiry assignement during the semester. The purpose of an inquiry assignment is for you to learn in depth about a particular question connected with the course and then write about that subject IN YOUR OWN WORDS. You will choose the question. It should be of such subject or depth that you would not ordinarily find in the course you are taking. For that reason, our textbook may not be a source for this research. Please confine your sources to those available from the FPU library and the internet.
Each paper must be more than five word-processed pages in length, must include a works cited and must follow a recognized style sheet. More requirements will follow. The question you explore may be from the history, philosophy, arts, science, mathematics, economics, or technology of western culture between 1400 and 1850.

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Rebirth to Revolution Inquiry Paper
Rebirth to Revolution Inquiry Paper


Category: History

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