REASONING AND ANALYSIS: You must identify your stand/claim, place it in context locally and/or globally, and justify it using reasoning and analysis

| April 21, 2014

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Your assignment for this first paper is to write an essay on a chosen issue for which you make a claim. You must identify your stand/claim, place it in context locally and/or globally, and justify it using reasoning and analysis.
You are required to write at least one paragraph acknowledging one reason others may oppose your viewpoint. Assess the validity of their reasoning to oppose your claim. Are they using deductive or inductive reasoning?
Next, respond/refute their views clearly and logically.
• Your paper must be at least three FULL pages. (with at least three reasons to support, opposition acknowledgement, refute)
• You must use at least two resources.
• Use APA Format – Note: An abstract is not required. Your name, instructor name, course name (title and section) and date of submission should be listed in upper left corner of first page. (All double-spaced. Title centered at top of first page (no cover sheet or title page necessary).
• Note: Your essay should also contain a solid introduction and conclusion. In no place in the essay is it acceptable to “announce” where you are going with your writing. For example, please stay away from making statements like “In this essay I am going to explain a time in my life where I have to evaluate my reasoning and analysis skills…” These types of statements should never be necessary if your writing is clear.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please submit the final version only. Rough drafts will not be reviewed.
Grading Criteria
Criteria Percentage Breakdown
Content: Meets content specific requirements. Main idea/thesis is clear and supported. Facts are accurate and clearly supported. 40%
Research & Source Integration: Source information is credible and supports points made throughout the paper. Quotes, paraphrases, and summaries are integrated so there is a smooth flow and readers know where source information originated. Minimum number of required sources used. 20%
Documentation: Uses APA style to cite sources with parenthetical citations. Includes an APA formatted reference page. 20%
Organization & Coherence: Ideas progress logically and transitions show connections between ideas that (ultimately) support thesis. 10%
Style & Mechanics: Word choice and tone are appropriate for readers. Correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar are used throughout paper. 10%
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