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| March 22, 2015

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Using secondary data only, uncover an issue (problem or an opportunity) in the New Zealand marketplace where it would be necessary to conduct further primary research at a future date. The issue you choose must relate to one of the four areas of MARS (marketing, advertising, retailing or sales) – we suggest you choose the area you are most interested in studying further.
Once selected, you are to undertake exploratory research to gather sufficient information from a variety of secondary resources (including syndicated data) which enables you to provide a sufficient background to and understanding of the nature of the problem/opportunity that exists. You will use this information to reinforce the need for research to be considered.
From this content, you will then present a breakdown of the problem which would require investigation. This is to be written up in the form of a management problem, a research problem, research objectives and research questions. (Note that you are not to find the answers to the problem. You are only required to provide evidence to support the presence of the problem).
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