Real-life scenario: The shoemaker goes barefoot

| March 23, 2015

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Internet and digital marketing communication can provide great opportunities for a business yet these opportunities can be easily turned into threats when not used correctly. This is the main reason why Creobiz Profi has not introduced its website. The domains are booked for, and
You have decided to take the volunteer position of Digital Marketing Communications Manager of Creobiz Profi (educational, coaching, consulting, accounting as well as production services and you work closely with the Marketing Communications team members and Marketers to develop, execute, maintain and evaluate digital strategy & activities for the Czech Republic or English speaking clients (UK/US), and lead project management of new company web site localization project for the Czech Republic or English speaking clients (UK/US). Develop digital communication programs that support the marketing objectives of the business team in a manner that utilizes best practices, cultivates and stewardship and provides strategic and creative excellence that is both effective and efficient.
This is a real-life scenario and the only internet communication data to be found at:
Your Task
Use everything you have learnt over the module, carry out further research and Develop a commercially viable and coherently written digital marketing plan for Creobiz Profi. If possible use secondary as well as primary research methods.
Follow the generic strategic process and focus on digital marketing elements:
1 Executive Summary 2. Business Mission (Be creative here) 3. External Marketing Audit of Competition (you may narrow it & Markets 4. Internal Marketing Audit of current Strategic Issues facing the Company & The effectiveness of the current Marketing Digital Mix & Marketing Structures and Systems 5. SWOT Analysis to summarize the External & Internal audit issues 6. SMART Marketing Objectives (or the new proposed internet/digital direction of the company)
7. Recommendations should include specifically suggestions on a new Core Strategy and a new digital/internet marketing mix to deliver sustainable Competitive Advantage 8. Budget, Implementation & Control: How will the new plan be launched and how will we measure its success? 9. Briefly explain why it is important to change
Remember to think of low cost solutions. Saving money and designing ‘free’ marketing solutions s is highly appreciated.
One of the CEOs is an academic and she always needs to see your claims and advice backed up by academic theories sourced from appropriate academic sources. You should also list your limitations and assumptions.
This is an individual assignment.
Key issues that will be taken into consideration are:
In addition your submissions will be expected to demonstrate the following qualities: 1. Answering the central focus of the assignment topics. 2. A critical appreciation and application of relevant literature and theories to support argument substantiate model(s) and other aspects of the assignment. 3. Taking ownership of the content, being prepared to debate and argue a personal position, evidences evaluative skills. A submission made up of extracts from published sources which is descriptive and just theoretical, is not acceptable. 4. Your submission must have interpretation and consideration of the challenges and issues of taking theory into practice (using cases and/or personal experience). 5. Ability to analyse relevant theoretical concepts in a critical manner, evaluation of material. 6. Logical flow of ideas and treatment; imaginative approaches; appropriate selection of real world factors related to the model(s) or specific assignment topic. 7. Evidence of additional personal research and the ability to analyse material from a variety of appropriate relevant perspectives. 8. A clear listing of references using the Harvard referencing method. 9. Presentation, structure, appropriateness of methodology, breaking into section headings/subheadings, tidiness. 10. A strong conclusion.
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