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| December 14, 2015

If 2 people purchase a home but only one name is placed on the documents, does both people have equal rights?

ex-fiance took possession of a home we both bought in Ga., I paid the down payment and the mortgage for over 2 years, she lived in the home while I lived in Miami and continued to work to pay for the home while she went tp school then she decided she did not want to be with me and said she would sell the home when the housing market picked back up and repay me what I invested, I have waited 4 plus years now I think the housing market has picked back up and I asked her a little less than a year ago if she intends to give me my things out of the house and my money I invested and she said she gave my things away and never answered my question about what I invested. I have texted messages from when she agreed to pay me back for all I paid on the home, not only did I pay for the home but during that time frame I took time off from work to go to Ga. and make thousands of dollars in upgrades such as new faucets, paint, lighting, door knobs. I need to know if I have any legal recourse.

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real estate law
real estate

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