Reading Summary: Developing and Enhancing Popular Programs and Services in the Kotler and Lee textbook

| February 10, 2014

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This week you will read the Chapter 3 about Developing and Enhancing Popular Programs and Services in the Kotler and Lee textbook.
Prepare a summary of a portion of this week’s readings. Reading summaries will have six parts:
Prepare a reference for the summarized section in APA format.
Statement describing the thesis or theme of the reading.
Write 150 – 200 word summary of content in point form.
Comment on how another reading applies to the topic of your summary. Provide a reference for the other reading.
Apply the reading to your work (or future work) situation.
Summary must be a minimum of 250-300 words.
Use academically acceptable references in APA format.
You must post your reading summary before seeing other student summaries.
Follow this example when doing your reading summaries. The section name and page numbers change each week and correspond to the section of the reading that you summarize.
Theme: By meeting citizen needs, public agency performance can be improved.
Performance in the public service may be measured in terms of how well the agency meets the Common Good, which is creating the “greatest possible good for the greatest possible number of people.”
Good in the public sector can be defined by three measures often referred to as the triple bottom line – social good, economic good, and environmental good. Kotler and Lee show how fundamental, proven marketing principles can achieve these goals.
When public agencies show they offer quality programs and services, they receive increased public interest, revenues and satisfaction.
By reporting on public performance, they get more support for programs.
By communicating effectively, they motivate the public to comply voluntarily to regulations and requests.
By providing easy access to services, they get more citizen participation and decrease operating costs.
By working with the private sector, they can expand services and make them more convenient.
Other reading:
By working together public sector agencies can surpass the level of services delivered in the traditional way of offering solitary programs. Developing mutual understanding among concern agencies and a healthy relationship between practitioners and the public go a long way in promoting the common good.
Marketing and improved customer service can help my agency deliver programs more efficiently to more people.
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