reading response on a passage

| June 19, 2015

reading response on a passage

Pick one out of the six prompts to write a two page paper on.

The story I had to read was A brother Lost by Ashley Womble
(I don’t think you have to read to do this)

1.Think of a situation in which you tried to help someone who was unwilling or unable to be helped.

2.Try to put yourself in the author’s shoes and imagine what you would have done.Do you think you would have been able to let your brother(or sister,or other loved one)go?

3.Do you agree with the author that the news media would have been more interested in get disappearance than that of her mentally ill brother?

4.Before her brother became homeless,the author viewed homeless people as “unfortunate ornaments of the city.”Her experience shows that each homeless person is someone’s brother,sister,daughter,son-in other words,a real person.

5.We sometimes make assumptions or generalizations about a certain group until we meet a member of that group changes our opinion.Think of an individual who changed your viewpoint toward a group,perhaps an elderly person or someone with a disability,a person from another culture or political party,or even a homeless or mentally ill person.

6.In this article,the author must come in terms with letting her brother make his own choice about what is the “right path”for him.write an essay about freedom of choice.You may focus on a difficult choice you made yourself,or one that you believed represented the right path for another person.How did the choice work out in the end?




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