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Reading Response Essay

Order Description

Assignment Instructions

Choose a topic related to issues within health or health care that interest you – I was thinking of the topic being — the importance of teaching nutrition in early
childhood education programs.

Research your topic thoroughly within multiple sources.
Aim to find four sources of information total, with two of those coming from academic, peer-reviewed journals or texts within the past 10 years.
The sources should have a direct relationship and relevancy to the topic.
When you feel like you have a grasp of the issues and positions on your topic, write an essay summarizing the topic.
Focus on the research and commentary contained within the sources.
Then, respond to the issues with your own interpretations and ideas.
How valid are the ideas presented in these readings?
How does this topic and information impact your own personal, academic, or professional experience?
The purpose of this essay is to respond to the topic and research, not to persuade the audience to take a particular stance or to take action on the issue.
Be sure to include a comprehensive introduction and conclusion for your paper.
Assignment Requirements

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