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| March 18, 2014

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1.This paper should have upload one image. and explanation.When you find the image from , please give me the link for the image.
2. this paper should no any source. all need is personal thinking. this course is visual politics course. should from the history, color, size, icon…etc
If you have any question you can email me, or give me call.
below is the paper descriptions.
Read the Hope essay and then compose a short 2-3 page essay that does the following: Identify the main argument(s) presented by the author and define the article’s key concepts, noting how those concepts get used throughout the article to prove the main argument(s). Then, select an image of your choosing that you think illustrates some of the concepts you just talked about — Tell me how that image illustrates some of those concepts and/or some of the arguments from the reading. Don’t forget to consult the How to Upload an Essay document.
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