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| May 21, 2015

Assignment 1 – Conversation and Reflection.

Although, you can learn a lot by reading about the teaching of reading in the content areas, your overall understanding and your repertoire of teaching and assessment strategies can be enhanced by conversing with an experienced teacher.

This first assignment requires you to interview/converse with a teacher who has experience with the teaching of reading in the content areas. You will need to develop a set of approximately 10-12 questions to guide this interview/conversation.

This is your opportunity to find out about what happens in a classroom environment which supports reading instruction (learning “through reading” and “about reading”) and assessment, from someone who has experience. You may ask this person a wide variety of questions but some of those questions must focus on the techniques and strategies this person uses/used in teaching, as well as the implications of technology for the teaching of reading at the intermediate and secondary levels, in today’s classrooms. I also suggest that you ask your interviewee about what advice he/she would give to a teacher who may, in the near future, be teaching reading in the content areas to intermediate and secondary students. How your interviewee feels about assessing reading achievement and teaching reading at these levels would also be a useful topic to pursue, especially if her/his attitude has changed over time. I expect that each of you may have very particular questions you may wish to ask, as well. NOTE: After you have developed your set of questions, please feel free to run the questions by me, if you would like some feedback before you move forward with your conversation/interview.

Your interviewee may be a current or retired teacher. The interview/conversation should be approximately 30 minutes and must be transcribed and typed. Do not submit the actual taped interview.

In addition to the transcribed interview, you are expected to submit a reflective paper on the interview. The paper should use APA style, have a cover page, be approximately 4-5 double-spaced pages, with a 12-point font, and include a References page. This reflective paper will include some analysis, connections to your readings where appropriate, and indicate the overall value of the interview experience for you. How does what you learned from this experienced teacher compare with your own experiences as a student in intermediate and/or secondary? Why was this conversation a good learning experience for you? What did you learn of value? What questions remain unanswered? What are your conclusions about the implications for your future teaching?

All interview/conversation transcriptions and reflections will be posted to the Discussion Forum and the Dropbox. The content of these interviews and reflections will be a very significant part of the content for this course, especially during weeks four and five.

NOTE: For confidentiality reasons, please do not use the real name of the teacher or the school, in the written assignment and the online discussions. As well, it is important to let your interviewee know, from the outset, that you will not use his/her name or the name of the school in this assignment.

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