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| July 10, 2016

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Instructions for Writing the Essay Question (you will lose points if you fail to follow these instructions): 1. Choose one question to answer from the options provided below. 2. The essay must be word-processed, double-spaced, paginated, no less than 750 words and no more than 850 words. 3. You must have a separate title page on which you include your name, date, essay title, question/prompt number, your LIB 133 section and instructor’s name, and the word count for your essay. The title page and works cited page text do NOT count towards the word count. 4. Your essay must have a thesis statement and be organized thematically, not by readings. 5. You must answer all parts of the question in order to get full credit for the essay. 6. Sources: a. In your essay, you must use specific and substantive examples (through paraphrasing and quotes) from at least three readings from Unit II on your Summer II 2016 course syllabus. b. You may also incorporate additional examples from documentaries and class lectures in your essay. Film transcripts do not count for the three readings. You may, however, refer to them once you have already used three articles. c. PowerPoints do not count as readings, and information on them should not replace information that is in any of the readings. 7. Use the MLA Style Sheet in citing the sources that you use in your essay, both in the body of the essay and in your list of citations at the end. Example of a Citation on Your Works Cited Page: For a Rothenberg Article: Shah, Sonia. “Asian American?” LIB 133 American Culture, Identity, and Public Life Course Reader. Ed. Paula S. Rothenberg. New York: Worth Publishers, 2013. 217-219. Print. NOTE: Do not use Rothenberg as the author/title of the article you are citing. You must use the name of the article’s author and the title of that article in the text of your paper and on the works cited page. Consult the MLA style sheet web source shown below for your other citations: (Use Purdue OWL site which has a clear explanation of MLA in-text citation and Works Cited format. The URL for the webpage on in-text citations is here: and they also have a good explanation of how to do Works Cited entries here: ). The library also has a wiki Citation Style Guides: In-text Citations: Wordsworth stated that Romantic poetry was marked by a “spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings” (263). OR Romantic poetry is characterized by the “spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings” (Wordsworth 263). And here is my choice: 2. The film Real Women Have Curves illustrates a number of ways in which Unit II’s themes intersect as obstacles to achieving success. Use three readings from the Summer I 2016 syllabus in addition to the film to explain how gender, class, education or traditional culture (as seen in the film) can influence peoples’ pursuit and achievement of the American Dream. You can find this film in YouTube. And I will send you 3 articles.

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