Reaction Paper

| October 30, 2015

Write in first person
A reaction paper is your personal reaction to an event, a speaker you heard, a film you watched, discussing Five Wishes in class or with family – it should come from your own point of view. You are reacting to: one of the following assigned readings in the Berzoff & Silverman (2004) text: The Loss of a child to cancer.
While observing or experiencing something, take notes while you are there. These notes will help you write a reaction paper that captures your thoughts, feelings, observations, versus a narrative of the event itself. For example, if something moves or inspires you, or reminds you of something you learned, tell the WHY in your reaction paper. How did what you heard or saw fit into social work or some position you might experience in the future? Tell me how you felt during and after each experience. Tell me what you thought the reading or experience with the Five Wishes might teach you and what you actually learned from it or how it impacted you.
Perhaps experiencing Five Wishes in class or with your family influenced you to think differently about the future. React to that.

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