Reaction paper: The Epic of Gilgamesh

| February 3, 2014

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Reaction Papers on Readings – pick one reading from the bottom. The texts and full reading are available online. Read the entire selection and write a brief one page reaction paper (Typed, single spaced). The reaction should include how the text ties in to the course material, specific examples that relate to what we learned in class notes & discussion and why is this an important text for Western Civilization. Your own opinion is also welcomed. Choose One: – Epic of Gilgamesh – “The Apology” (of Socrates) by Plato – Tacitus (one book from The Annals & one from The History) After reading one of the above selections complete the following: – One Page Typed Paper – Single Spaced – Font Size no larger than 12 – Do not write a summary – Include: Identifications, Analysis & Reaction Write a 3 paragraph, one page paper. Please use the following format. This is a pass/fail assignment. If you follow these instructions you will pass and get one point, if you do not follow these instructions you will fail and get zero points. Paragraph #1: Identifications Using specific terms, people, places from history (the powerpoints and/or textbook) connect the reading to specific historical developments. This paragraph must have 5-7 specific identifications in complete sentence and paragraph format. Do not write a summary. Paragraph #2: Analysis Analyze the reading for its importance and value. All of these readings are very old, so why do we still bother reading them today? What is their value to us? Why are they important? Analyze the reading in paragraph format. Paragraph #3: Reaction What is your opinion of the reading? Did you enjoy reading it? Did you like it? Did it remind of you something/somewhere/someone else? Write a paragraph.p
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