Rationale Essay on prevention of chronic disease – cardiovascular disease

| March 23, 2015

The preparation of this rationale paper will hone your skills in being able to provide a rational argument as to why a particular health issue is worthy of a health promotion intervention. As a health promotion professional you will be faced with having to provide evidence as to why a particular project should revive organisational funding and resource support. This is really the first step in planning any health promotion program. You need to clearly articulate what the problem is, why it is a worthy area for intervention and who the target group or community is. This assignment is NOT about the strategies and methods of any proposed interventions. This assignment forms the basis of Assessment 3 (the proposal) You will need to present evidence that justifies the development of a health promotion intervention to reduce the stated problem (evidence could include data on the nature of the problem, why it is a problem, severity, numbers of people affected, who is affected – age and gender distribution, trends, cost to the community, importance of the problem compared to others etc). You will not be carrying out your own data collection but relying on available data sources. This may mean that you need to make inferences from regional, state and even national data, applying to your own target community. Your information will be presented as a report of no more then 2000 words (excluding references). Remember that a graph or table may effectively illustrate your argument. The report needs to be divided into appropriate sections with suitable headings; concentrate on presenting facts and interpreting your tables and figures. You will find the headings you need to include in your rationale essay as outlined below. 1. Introduction (overview of the main points to be covered in this assessment) 2. The health problem (discuss briefly its characteristics and consequences) 3. The scope of the problem (include graphs or tables if available) a. Mortality (use rates if possible eg number of deaths per 100,000) b. Morbidity (use rates eg. number of cases per 100,000) c. Trends (changes in rates over the last 10-20 years) d. Distribution (gender, race, geographical or social determinants) 4. Cost of the problem (both tangible and intangible and compare with other heath issues/other regions) 5. Risk and contributing factors, use clear sub headings or a table format. The content must be evidence based 6. Target group (who is the group most affected, who could an intervention be aimed at) 7. Other related programs (refer to other programs in this area, or lack of them to show why there is a need for your program) 8. Behavioural models or theories – discuss how these underpin the behaviours and or risk factors that influence your health issue 9 Objectives refer to learning exercise 2 and modules 3 and 6. You will need to outline behavioural and/or environmental objectives (5 in total). These will be refined from Learning exercise 2 pending feed-back and sub-objectivise may be added in assignment 3. Your objectives should describe expected changes in such areas as health indicators, behaviour, awareness, participation, knowledge, attitudes, skills, as well as structural or policy changes. 10. Conclusion (discuss the main conclusions arising from the information you have presented) 11. paraphrasing, citing and references.

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