Rape shield laws

| April 9, 2015

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Some aspects of the American legal system  such as rape shield laws are designed to reduce information about the perceived moral standing  of parties to legal cases, and others  such as three-strike laws and  Meghan’s laws  are designed to make the past behavior of some of those parties even more significant. Please use the Criminal Justice and/or  Sociological Abstracts to find a scholarly article about an initiative  of either kind (i.e., an effort either to restrict or expand information about someone’s past behavior from entering the legal process). You can choose to read and write about a non-American initiative, or you can  focus on an attempted reform within the U.S. legal system. Describe the  initiative you read about, and summarize the principal points about it made in the article you find for this assignment. Explain whether and  why you think the initiative in question is working as it was intended to work. Be sure to include citation information for the article you  use.

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