Race in Mississippi 2000

| March 23, 2015
Race in Mississippi 2000
in order to do the paper you have to watch a movie
First, please visit this link:
Enter user name: khanawaiz
Password: Khanawaiz1
You will see “Blackboard” on left hand side. Click it.
Here, you will see a list of courses (both spring and summer), scroll down until you see the heading below and drill in:
2015 Spring Term (1) Introduction to Cultural Anthropology ANT 1001 PTRA[56244] (Baruch College)
There is a light blue box on the left hand side, please click “content”.
Scroll all the way down:
Hit: “Papers and Assignments”, written in bold letters
Click the hyperlink right below it titled Race In Mississippi 2000 race_miss_htd.mov
And you should be able to play the video in the window that follows.

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Race in Mississippi 2000
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