Quran on Justice

| April 16, 2015

Quran on Justice

The Quran is a religious book that forms the foundation on which Islamic law and theology rests. According to Quran 39:23, no one can guide those who God leaves to stray. The Quran refrains people from following their desires. Rather, people ought to act justly, bear witness to God, and uphold justice. Quran 60:7-9 talks about Gods affection between a person and his present enemies. It talks about God being powerful, forgiving, and merciful. Moreover, it talks about revenge where it says that God does not forbid anyone from being kind and just to individuals who fight then, their faith, or drive them out of their homes. God loves just. However, He does forbid individuals from being allies to individuals who fight them, their faith, or drive them out of their homes. People should not be friends with individuals who help others in committing such deeds either; such a person would be a wrongdoer (Quran 60:7-9).


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