Questions about art and copy movie by doug pray

| June 19, 2015

Questions about art and copy movie by doug pray
You just need to watch the movie and answer these questions, no essay needed (ART AND COPY) DIRECTED BY DOUG PRAY. found on Youtube

1.) What is advertising according to George Lois?
2.) Bill Bernbach revolutionized the way Art Directors
worked together with Copy in what way?
3.) George Lois art directed for Esquire magazine and
made an effort to persuade and communicate in what
4.) Mary Wells used an additional trait to help her in
advertising. What was it and provide an example?
5) how can finding the core of a brand help you to
sell a product or an idea?
6.) What song was written by the Carpenters for the crocker bank?
7.) George Lois can get excited over nothing, provide
an example of one of his ads or ideas?
8) tommy hilfigure’s ad concept developed by George Lois kept him up at night, what the concept?
9.) Jeff Manning was in charge of the
?Got Milk?? Campaign, what was the intent of the
10.) What is Michael Jordan?s value to Nike?
11.) Art & Copy discusses the idea of risk and playing
it safe. What?s the common perception around playing
it safe?
12.) Why is the advertising business so different than
any other business?
13.) Where did the Nike slogan come from?
14.) Why is some advertising considered so trashy?
15.) True or False ? Advertising is considered art when
it?s done well.
16.) Why is the advertising industry such a discouraging
work environment to work in?

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