| July 7, 2016

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1)   What do all melodies have in common and what are the terms that Western musicians use to define the structural elements of every melody?

2)   What are some of the ways that the meaning, roles, and function of music differ markedly from culture to culture and what is the basic definition of music? Why must music be understood in reference to the society in which it arises?

3)   Draw and discuss the purpose and usefulness of the circle of fifth and how it relates to all music as well as the overtone series.

4)   Define the term rhythm. Include in your discussion the difference between pulse and meter and discuss and define free rhythm and polyrhythm.

5)   What are some ways that music helps to create and maintain community and why is music often an important component of religious ritual?

6)   How can music be an object of memory? What are some of the processes that musicologists and performers can use to reconstruct “broken” musical traditions?

7)   What is enculturation? Discuss the many ways in which musical tradition is learned. What is musical transmission?

8)   Discuss and notate the chromatic scale. What are the important elements in its construction. Name at least one important piece of music that features a chromatic scale.

9)   Tell everything you know about Tuvan music including who the Tuvan are, where they live, why the horse is important to them and how their music is unique.

10) What are the important things to consider when trying to recreate music from early times, the 14th-16th century for example.

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