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| March 21, 2015

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Questions/answers 1 to 18 (document attached) need to be analyzed and linked to Human Resource Training and Development theory/framework/concepts.






Q3:Have you been to any workshop in the last month? Briefly explain your experience.

  • No
  • yes
  • No
  • No – I was away for 3 weeks.
  • yes
  • Yes, the team was very enthusiastic
  • Yes – It was a workshop on Technical skills and I found it very helpful.
  • Yes, the HR team was very welcoming and provided me with a lot of helpful tips on how to better manage time and employees.
  • Yes – it was a great experience, the HR team was very helpful and answered all the questions asked.
  • Yes, it was very helpful.


Q4: Are these trainings mandatory? If so, how does this make you feel?


  • Yes – I like that they are mandatory this way I make sure that I go
  • I think so
  • Sometimes
  • I dont know
  • I think so, I feel good about it because even if I don’t want to attend to those workshops, the fact that is mandatory makes me experience such training and afterwards I feel good because I learnt something.
  • Yes
  • I am not sure
  • Some yes some are not.
  • Some are, some aren’t. I like the flexibility of this.
  • I am not sure








Q7:Do these training session contribute to your personal development or of the organization? Please give a brief explanation on your answer

  • I feel that it contributes more to my personal development as the skills learnt can be used in any other bank.
  • It contributes to my personal development as it equips me with technical skills.
  • Both
  • It depends on which session you are asked to go to.
  • organisation as well as myself.
  • I think both.
  • Both
  • Both
  • The training session that I have attended to contribute to my personal development as well as the organization. An example is how 2 weeks ago I went to a workshop on leadership skills, this not only benefits myself but Barclays too as the skills learnt can help me guide my team.
  • Both


Q8: How consistent are the training and development programs at Barclays to culture of the organization? Please give a brief explanation on your answer.

  • The hr team always makes a link to the culture of the bank and the workshop.
  • Very consistent, the session always covers the main values of the bank and how the workshop would help us achieve better results ensuring to keep the core values in mind.
  • Very consistent
  • Consistant
  • I feel that the hr team is very constant at making the session
  • I find it very consistent
  • I find Barclays culture reflected on all workshops I have been to.
  • I think that the HR team at Barclays does a good job at making the session aligned with Barclays bank culture.
  • I find Barclays corporate culture very consistent with the hr training and development. One a week I get on the newsfeed a reminder of what Barclays stands for (culture) and also at the workshops this is reminded.
  • As a whole Barclays bank is very supportive to those who want to further develop their career






Q10:Would you describe Barclay’s culture as a strong learning culture? (A culture that promotes employees self development and growth within the organisation). Please give a brief explanation on your answer.


  • My department has a very strong learning atmosphere.
  • Employees are often learning at Barclays
  • Yes
  • Barclays offers many learning tools to all employees.
  • Very demanding therefore managers often send you to workshop, yes it is a sting learning culture.
  • My manager often sends me abroad for learning workshops therefore I think the bank offers a learning environment for those who are interested
  • Yes – my team and the HR team always pushes me to learn something good – very motivating place to working.
  • Yes – Barclays bank always motivates its employees to learn.
  • I have done an internship at a different bank before I became part of the team and from my personal experience, I feel that Barclays has a strong learning culture, always offering further development at a personal and professional level.
  • Yes





Q12:(If Yes on the previous) Do you feel comfortable going to them directly when you have issues with your training? Please give a brief explanation on your answer.

  • I really do not have a problem reaching out to the HR team
  • The team is always making contact therefore it quite easy to reach out to them
  • Very comfortable
  • It is always very nice to see the HR team as the support any ideas you have.
  • Very comfortable as the HR team is always very approachable
  • Absolutely, the hr team is always very kind and looking for ways to improve making it easy to give feedback






Do you have aspirations to grow within the company? Please give a brief explanation on your answer.

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • Yes
  • unsure
  • Yes
  • Maybe, I first want to see how is like to be part of the bank for at least 2 years
  • Yes – my motivation is to grow within the company
  • Yes – a reason why I was attracted to work for Barclays was the long term aspiration that I have as I want to grow within the company.
  • Yes – I have done some training already for my upcoming promotion.





Q16:If you could change two things from Barclays T&D programme, what would those two things be?

  • I would send a test or survey to ensure that employees gained knowledge from the training sessions
  • Not much, the workshops are very helpful
  • Nothing
  • Nothing
  • Nothing
  • Evaluation of the sessions to ensure it was worth it and everyone learnt
  • There is no form of checking how effective the workshops are
  • I would evaluate the individuals that attended to ensure that everyone learnt something from the session.
  • I would ensure that all employees learnt something and did not only attend because it was mandatory
  • Time: I would offer more options for all session – I would ask managers to reinforce what was learnt in the session







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