| July 17, 2016

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

2 maybe add more categories here? these are big ranges

3 why does this matter to the program?

4 same

(you have #4 3 times!)

4 definitely a marketing question; omit

4 why does this matter to the program? will you be taking care of their advertising? omit!

5 ok

6 how is this a space use question? probably irrelevant

7 poorly worded? also probably irrelevant

8 same

9 marketing; omit

QA: why does this matter

QB: conducive to what exactly?

QC: why does this matter

QD: ok

QE: lighting tends to be either functional or not function; ‘amazing’ better describes works of art. reword

QF: why does this matter? you are not giving out a service questionnaire. Think how your results would affect the program. Will you be training employees with this information?

QG: why does this matter

QH: vague; perfect how? how might customers view this? either be very specific or omit

18 good

19 marketing; omit

20 omit

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