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| January 11, 2016
  • Consider the circuit demonstrated in this week’s presentations. With the turns ratio modified to 20:1, calculate the following values of Vs and Is for the given values of RL in the table below:




Calculated Vs

Calculated Is

Measured Vs

Measured Is

0 Ω

10 Ω

25 Ω

50 Ω

100 Ω

1000 Ω


  • Construct the transformer circuit in MultiSIM and complete the table in part 2 with the measured values of Vs and Is for each value of RL. Use the Agilent Digital Multi-meter to take the measurements and capture a screen shot of each measurement.


  • Discuss the following:


  • Describe the relationship of RL on the secondary voltage.


  • Describe the relationship of RL on the secondary current.


  • How do the calculated values compare to the measured values?


  • How would you go about calculating the transformer power efficiency?


  • How would you go about measuring the transformer power efficiency?


  • Determine the transformer power efficiency for the circuit in MultiSIM. Include a calculation and a measured value.

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Electronics II and Lab JFETs

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