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| October 23, 2015

COURSE TITLE: 400 level entrepreneurial class
LENGTH: 3-4 pages double spaced

Question: You are talking with a friend who mentions that he just came back from helping his grandmother set up Netflix to watch on her television set. Your friend says that he feels that it is very challenging for many “non-techs” especially if they are over a certain age to utilize effectively much of the new technology. Computers, tablets, smart phones, etc.. Hearing this you wonder if this might be an opportunity for a new venture. You can combine answers in a narrative if you wish. Also be sure to explain the “WHY”.

a) What would be the steps to evaluate this opportunity?

b) Making some assumptions (explain) what sort of venture would you propose to take advantage of the opportunity?

c) Before moving forward you might choose to apprentice. What might this look like?

d) Discuss the pros and cons of franchising this concept. What would a possible franchise ential?

e) What would be the pros and cons of developing a business plan for your new venture?

f) How would the Fish Philosophy be integrated into your new venture?

g) Anything else you want to tell me about your venture?

h) How would you rate this venture?

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