| January 5, 2016

Perform the following tasks:

Step 1: Respond to the following questions:

For this unit, you are asked to produce your Annotated Bibliography of at least five (5) authoritative research sources, preferably from the CSU Online Library’s extensive databases.  To help you with “Finding Reliable Sources,” your reading assignment includes an examination of an “inverted pyramid” on p. 422 of your Lester (2010) Strategies for Writing Successful Research Papers.




Discuss your research experience thus far, your successes and challenges, and how your research relates to the p. 422 “inverted pyramid.”  Share at least one (1) specific research choice you have selected, discussing how you located it, where, and why you think the source (A) is “reliable” and (B) relates to your research topic and supports your argumentative thesis.  Include in your conversation any changes you have made to your thesis or research strategies.

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