| January 27, 2015
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Unit Name Session 101611Home and Away: Ethnicity and Migration in Australia Autumn 2014 LEARNING GUIDE School of Social Sciences and Psychology Please read this document and the accompanying SSAPguide very carefully for everything you need to know about the unit. If you need help, check both (and your unit vUWS site) first. If you still need help, please contact us as per Section 2.1 of the SSAPguide. Unit Weekly Schedule Follows on next page for your convenience Section 1: Unit Information • Unit code and name • Unit coordinator • Credit points • Teaching session • Welcome and key contacts • Consultation arrangements • Requirements other than those listed below • Improvements made recently to unit • Delivery: How unit is delivered • Attendance requirements • Textbook • Essential readings • Other resources • Referencing requirements Section 2: Assessment Information • Course learning outcomes • Unit learning outcomes • How unit outcomes relate to course outcomes • Assessment summary • Assessment details: Full details for each assessment item Section 3: Learning and Teaching Activities See Page 2 Section 4: Learning Resources See Section 1 for Texbook, Readings etc. • Literacy and/or numeracy resources Section 5: Expectations Of and By You See SSAPguide UNIT REQUIREMENTS Internet Access: You must have internet access for this unit, preferably high speed broadband (or use University facilities) vUWS: You must access the unit vUWS site at least twice a week to check for any new content or announcements iPad: Owning an iPad is strongly recommended, as some units are optimised for iPad FREE ADOBE READER: This Learning Guide is an Adobe PDF document with internal attachments. To access attachments you may need to download and open it in latest FREE Adobe Reader, available at MUST use free Adobe reader app to access attachments on iPad. Autumn Schedule >>> School of Social Sciences and Psychology Unit Outline or Learning Guide 1 Unit Weekly…

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