| October 23, 2015

The project topic is open to modification around “Quality of Service in Mobile Ad hoc Network”. You just need to write the first three chapters of the thesis which must be rich and original: – In the literature review, past records to see what work has been previously done on the subject matter – Problem intended to be solved can be basic/ pure research or applied research. – Research work already done in this area of study must be identified. If a problem has been solve and we think there are gaps to be filled, such gaps must be explained. – If there are areas that has not caught the attention of researchers, enough data must be presented to convince the academic audience and prove that the proposed solution is feasible. – Methodology is steps to be taken to achieve the set objectives – References must be included at the end of chapter each chpaters 5. Use APA style. (current work must be use not below 10yrs i.e (2005-2015))

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