Quality Improvement Project – Patient Falls

| September 30, 2015

QI Project — Patient Falls in the Hospital Setting.
This project has two parts. The first part is the proposal that will need to be submitted first with a due date of the project proposal within 3 days.. Then the completed project is not due until mid-october.
Please separate out the proposal and then combine back into the complete paper.
The proposal is to include the first four steps of the Shewart Cycle (see QI Project Outline attached). Use steps from outline as HEADINGS in your proposal and project. Provide details under each section. This allows for approval of your intended proposal. (Minimum full paragraph for each bullet point).
Proposal to include the following:
Identify the Problem
• Select the problem
• Clearly define the problem
• Set a measurable goal
• Identify a leadership champion
See other order instructions for the complete project instructions.

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