Quality and Safety Education for Nurses

| January 13, 2015

Today, hospitals and other medical systems experience the highest levels of dedication, excellence and sophistication in service delivery ever known to man. The growing numbers of patients and the advancement of technological and research tools have led to the growth observed in the medical fraternity. One area that has experienced thorough streamlining and improvement is the competency of medical practitioners. Among the many strategies developed to bring about this, ‘Quality and safety education for Nurses’ commonly abbreviated as QSEN policy has been a major contributor. This paper aims at exploring the importance of QSEN policies in healthcare provision. The author achieves this by highlighting a scenario in which the application of the policies was needed. The concluding section gives recommendations as to what could be done to improve the QSEN project. It is agreeable that the larger responsibility for patients lies on the nurses. Based on the definition, nursing is a word that describes an occupation, which renders services. To Get Such Paper Click the Link Below>>>>>>

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Quality and Safety Education for Nurses


Category: Health and Medicine

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