Qualitative Research Proposal on "Impact of Corporate Governance on Corporate Social Responsibility"

| May 21, 2015

Topic of Qualitative Research Proposal: Impact of Corporate Governance on Corporate Social Responsibility

Main Research Question: Does corporate governance increases corporate social responsibility?

Deadline: 1 June 2015
Number of Words: 2,200

Qualitative proposals

Prepare a Research Proposal of 2,200 that contains a description of the topic and research questions you will investigate as well as the qualitative methods and form of analysis you will use to address your research questions.

Research proposal will be submitted via Turn-it-in. Turn-it-in similarity should not be more than 15%.

Parts of the Research Proposal:
1. Introduction: Describe the topic. Purpose of the study. Significance of the study.
2. A brief literature review: This will provide theoretical background and discuss motivation and contribution of your research. The section will conclude with proposed research questions.
3. Qualitative Method: Write the qualitative method used in the research. For my topic qualitative method can be interview based studies and case study research. One technique of corporate social responsibility is “content analysis” to measure corporate social responsibility in terms of the number of words disclosed in the annual report.
4. Form of Analysis: What type of analysis will be done in the research? Justify the form of analysis.
5. Conclusion: Write a short conclusion
6. Bibliography: In-text citations and the list of bibliography should be in consistent referencing style and cross checked. APA Business Referencing Style is recommended.

Features of qualitative research
• Understanding the subjective meanings held by actors (interpretivist epistemology)
• Common methods: interviews, ethnography
• Data are words, texts and stories
• Inductive approach: theory emerges from data
• Social constructionist ontology
Key Approaches to Qualitative Research
1. Interview based studies
2. Case study research
3. Ethnography
4. Autoethnography
5. Narrative inquiry
6. Visual Research
7. Arts Based Approaches

I have attached some qualitative journal articles on corporate governance and corporate social responsibility.
The course will take you through these stages. Feedback will be provided in class as well as through written individual feedback.

This Assessment Task relates to the following Learning Outcomes:
• Understand commonly used qualitative research approaches in business and management research.
• Discuss different forms of data and outline their differences
• Demonstrate an awareness of the diversity of research methods and be able to make informed methodological choices;
• Demonstrate an awareness of contemporary ethical issues in research and strategies for addressing them.
• Do qualitative research by constructing problem oriented literature reviews, formalising
meaningful research questions, handling and evaluating a range of evidence, and be able to deduce arguments on the basis of data.

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