Qualitative Research Critique

| October 17, 2015

As future health professionals, it is imperative to be able to evaluate the qualities of research studies to establish their credibility and relevance to other studies. The purpose of this academic paper is to systematically critique a qualitative health research study in order to evaluate the design and credibility of the study. This paper will critique Brownie and Coutts study entitled “Older Australians perceptions and practices in relation to a healthy diet for old age: a qualitative study” (2011). This study is being undertaken to hone my skills in critical evaluation of quality of qualitative health research reports in order to be a savvy consumer of those reports. This critique is based on the framework that has been provided in the assignment brief.

The sections that structure this report include a critique of; title; authors; abstract, introduction; literature review; research aim, questions, and key concepts; ethical considerations; methodology (theoretical approach); data collection instrument, and procedures; study participants and sampling; data analysis; findings or results; and conclusions. Lastly, a summary of critique will be offered.


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