Qualitative Research Article Analysis

| September 25, 2015

**Analyze and critique a quantitative nursing research article from a nursing research journal published within the past 5 years.  You must include five scholarly references—the article, the text, and three outside sources.


**Use the Guidelines for Qualitative Nursing Research Critique (below) to write a 1,350-word paper analyzing the chosen article. Make sure that your responses to each criterion are complete and concise.

**Attach a copy of the article and the certificate of originality.

**Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

**No more than 10% of the paper can be quoted. This is your analysis of what the authors said—not a restatement of the article.


Guidelines for Qualitative Nursing Research Critique

Your qualitative research report analysis requires an in-depth analysis of the following questions:



  • Is the problem clearly stated and is significant to nursing or health care?
  • Is the purpose clearly stated?
  • Is the research question stated broadly enough for a qualitative study?
  • Is the study design consistent with its qualitative approach?
  • Are the subjects obtained using a method consistent with the qualitative methodology?
  • Is the setting appropriate for the study?
  • Are the data collection methods consistent with the purpose of the qualitative approach?
  • Are the rights of human subjects protected?
  • Is evidence of data saturation provided?
  • Are the data analysis procedures appropriate for the type of data collected and the qualitative method?
  • Is there sufficient evidence of scientific rigor?
  • Are the conclusions and implications appropriate and clearly stated?
  • Are suggestions for future research included?

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