Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis

| March 30, 2014

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Qualitative Research
I need from the writer: qualitative data collection and analysis. The primary method for obtaining data is interviewing because we want to document experience. Interviews must be transcribed and read to ensure accuracy. However, you’re looking for codes or words or phrases that seem to repeat. Once you gather a particular set of codes, they can be grouped under themes, which form the basis of major ideas.
For example, during a transcription of an interview with a paramedic, the words "tired", "fried", or a phrase such as "burnt-out" keep coming up. These are codes. You could group these codes under a theme of "fatigue".
I will upload the following as references for the writer:
Creswell+Qualitative+Data+Analysis Pdf
Qualitative+Data+Collection Pdf
Merriam+Inteviewing Pdf
Merriam+Qualitative+Research Pdf
the Scenario for this proposal (Microsoft word)
Qualitative research for an example
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