Q1 TIP/LEARNING: How do you define the Good Life?

| February 18, 2014

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Please Answer the question respectively, each question page.
Q1 TIP/LEARNING: Think about why you move. Do you participate for skill or knowledge?
Meaning is individual. Rank why you do physical activity. Is it for Skill, Fitness, Knowledge, or Pleasure? Even though you may do movement for prudential reasons, a better way to view movement is through skill and pleasure. Skill and pleasure should be ranked above fitness and knowledge on their capacity to help experience the good life.
Propositions about significant living are not difficult to locate. The Bible, the Koran, scriptures, hundreds of sages of wise people, and thousands of pop psychology and philosophy books can supply them…The fact is that we grow into stories and meaning more than we encounter them as foreign propositions or theories. Cultural traditions, hobbies, dances, games, habits, crafts and other activities point us in some directions and away from others. The skills we learn tell us implicitly that it is important to do this and not that. Moreover, these activities come loaded with values—with etiquette, with ways of behaving, with right attitudes and so on. By learning play and game skills, we grow into rights and wrongs, values and disvalues, things that are important and other things that are not valuable…Games and play resonate with the dominant messages of our time and place, and this builds a compass into our being that tells us the directions in which we should develop our personal stories. (Kretchmar, R.S., (1993). Practical Philosophy of Sport, p.167)
**CHALLENGE: Try adding a(nother) fruit or vegetable serving to your daily food intake.
In what ways does your activity class contribute to your skill development? What do you participate in that contributes to your skill development?
Q2TIP/LEARNING: What is the purpose of exercise? The purpose should be about helping develop and maintain a good life.
The Good Life refers to an overall life condition and set of experiences that we regard as desirable. While most everybody aims at good living, there is considerable disagreement about what exactly it is. There are probably hundreds of ways to achieve something called the good life, and there are undoubtedly many patterns that are comparably good. (Kretchmar, R.S., (1993). Practical Philosophy of Sport, p.111)
The good life is composed of experiences that are appreciated for their own sake. The good life must be meaningful or have purpose. One event must be meaningful or have purpose. One event must be connected to another, and these events must be headed somewhere important as in the development of a story line. Survival and long life, by themselves do little to assure good living.
A good life should entail pleasure and fun, which is almost universal. Movement should bring meaning to your life. The good life should be meaningful, and physical activity should bring meaning. (Kretchmar, R.S., (1993). Practical Philosophy of Sport, p.224)
How do you define the Good Life?
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