Purpose of criminal justice system

| June 26, 2015

Mini-Papers are single page reflections on a question or exercise. The paper is an opportunity for the student to demonstrate their comprehension of the course material and to apply it to the situation presented. The paper is also an opportunity for the student to demonstrate composition skills. Feedback will be provided for both content and composition. The instructor will create one (1) mini-paper topics/questions.

The mini-paper will be scheduled to be available to students at the beginning of the week corresponding with the mini-paper “Due Date” in the Course Schedule. A designated Mini-Paper rubric will be used to grade and provide feedback on this one-page assignments. Although the mini-paper is NOT a research assignment per se, it may be appropriate to require at least one outside source. Instructors may choose any course-relevant topic they wish, including any current event germane to the course.

Assignment: In a week that includes a Mini-Paper, a separate assignment will appear in the Discussion section of the classroom. These special Mini-Paper questions are NOT to be answered in the Discussions. The one-page response is to be submitted as a MS WORD document by the due date specified.


  • One full page, headed with the student’s name (No cover page)
  • Narrative must be double spaced, with 1 inch margins, in #12 font type.
  • References from any supportive resource materials must be cited in the narrative and on a separate Bibliography page using the American Psychological Association (APA) format.

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Judicial Administration

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